5 ways in which a minimalist website shines

We’ve (thankfully) moved on from the days of 90’s internet design – flashing cursors, colours everywhere and an overwhelm of design – and gone back to basics.

Minimalism has been around for decades as a design concept, but if you need some persuasion of why it’s the best design to use for your site, read on:

1 – It’s better for mobile

Using a mobile phone is one of the most popular ways of accessing the internet. Despite some phones having bigger screens, it will still make things much easier for your audience if you keep the design simple.

2 – It focuses on content

You should be aiming to draw your audience to your site for the content on there – so it only makes sense to reduce any other distractions around this. This site is a great example of reducing unnecessary elements so that the audience can focus on reading your text – exactly what you want them to be doing.

3 – It’s great for responsive web design

Websites are designed to be responsive to a whole array of screen sizes and gadgets which may be used to access them. A more minimalist design means less elements to resize and fit into different shaped or sized pages – making it a much easier process to get your site looking great on every device.

4 – It’s evergreen

The web develops quickly but as mentioned above, minimalist design has been around for decades. It’s a solid design choice where you don’t need to worry about your website design being out of date in a year or two.

5 – It’ll make your site go faster

The smaller amount of elements in a minimalist web design not only makes your site more easily responsive – it also reduces the loading time. No more losing readers who get bored waiting for your site to load!