The best ways to structure text on your website

If you’re just starting out with building your own website, it can be overwhelming to know how to make it perform well. We’ve got some quick tips below to help you structure your text well and improve your site’s visitor experience.

Why is text structure important?

In a world of mobile internet and more articles than anyone has time to read, a well-structured text will help maintain your audience’s interest, as well as improving your search ranking.

1 – Draft first

In order to keep your text punchy and on-track, quickly jot down an overall plan for what you want your page or blog to say. It’s a great way to keep you on track as you’re writing – keeping the text on topic as well as helping defeat writer’s block.

2 – Keep it short!

Everyone gets put off by huge walls of text to read through. Aim to stick to 2 sentences per paragraph – one to make a point and the other to build on it – to keep your text attractive and quick to scan.

3 – Headings help your ranking

Using keywords in headings will highlight to Google what your text is about – helping your search ranking to attract new readers to your site. Have a look at this page for an example of how to do it well.

4 – Think about Mobile

A huge number of web readers come via their phones. Cater for them with a decent text size that will still show up well on mobile.

5 – Mix it up

Help keep your audience interested by mixing up the visuals on offer – adding in bullet points or images breaks up the text and makes it more interesting to read.

These tips are all really easy to implement – give them a go and see how much difference they make to your site!